What’s the Toughest Challenge for Authors? Finding Readers Interested in Reading Your Book

Ah, the American Dream. Maybe you’re like me and it’s the American Book Dream. Either way, with over twenty years of online and offline marketing experience and an author myself, the difficult news to give is that it takes a million marketing bucks to make a million bucks in our capitalistic society. And that’s if the public likes your product or service. Generally speaking, that is.

As a new (or old) writer, it may seem you can’t pay people to read your book, much less get family and friends to finally commit to reading your hard work anytime “soon.” In other words, as any Big 5 Publishers will tell you, it takes a LOT of push (money) to promote a book–even with their most popular authors. No publisher publishes a book and expects sales without a costly marketing program. There is just too much out there to choose from.

The Book Cover Whisperer is always on the hunt for book marketing promotional plans that actually yield results. Kindle Books Promotions touts New Readers, More Sales — Achieve Success by Becoming an Amazon Best Seller. At first I thought this was run by Amazon.com, but there is no contact information displayed to tell you who is running this website. A WHOIS search shows a company registered through a Denmark registration.

If you’ve had a paid experience with this company or can provide information, please let The Book Whisperer know so we can share it with the rest of our clients.


P.S. Richard McCartney’s formula for success.

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UPDATE: 09/27/18 — Full Disclosure — The Book Cover Whisperer is excited to discover marketing services that actually work! As of today, I have become a service affiliate of Kindle Book Promotions. Receive 5% off your order when you use the coupon code: WHISPERER. Happy sales and reviews!