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Author/publisher news and happy dances. If you’re a Book Cover Whisperer author with great news, share it with us! If you have an important announcement we need to know about, contact The Book Cover Whisperer and we’ll post it on this blog.

Marc Liebman Author Success Story

Author Marc Liebman is one of the hardest working authors we know! Here he is at the Dallas Flight Museum displaying his exciting int'l action thriller Josh Haman series. A retired Navy helicopter pilot, Marc is also a professional speaker. The Book Cover Whisperer is...

What Belongs on an Author Website Homepage? 4 Key Elements

By Jane Friedman, Publishing Consultant, author of The Business of Being a Writer Whether you’re an emerging author or one that is well-established, it can be challenging to figure out what belongs on your website’s homepage and what to say about yourself on the front...

7 Best Ways To Build An Authentic Author Brand

According to best-selling author and marketing guru, Joanna Penn . . . Branding is one of those buzz-words that can turn off creatives, but essentially, your brand is your promise to the reader. It's the words, images, and emotional resonance that people have when...

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Christine HornerChristine Horner has 20+ years graphic and website design experience. She has been designing covers for independent authors and publishers for over 5 years. A writer with her own small publishing company, there really isn't anything Christine can't help you with. Book cover design is her passion (and children's college tuition). Did Christine mention she loves books?

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