Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer
Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer
Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer
Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer
Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer
Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer
Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer
Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer
Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer
Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer
Book Cover Design by the Book Cover Whisperer

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Professional Book Cover Design for Indy Authors and Publishers

Book Cover Whisperer

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Your Synopsis and a Little Magic

“Big 5” Book Cover Design

The Book Cover Whisperer is an independent author and book publisher’s best friend. Design ethos: visually stunning covers and promotional products your readers will love. Researched, quality production. Unlimited changes until you’re 100% satisfied.

Covers from just $295

We work with individual authors, small to large publishers, and businesses.

Save when you bundle

Offering print and e-book interior design, marketing materials, author websites.

No production worries

Unlimited layout and text revisions on your custom-whispered pre-press design.

Promotional products

The Book Cover Whisperer is your one-stop marketing team. See what we can do!


Getting Started

Just provide your synopsis.

That’s it. But do show the Whisperer examples of styles you love from the covers above. We do the research.

CreateSpace, Ingram Spark,, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo Book Publishers

Tell us what you want

Answer questions about genre, time period, setting, and style. Don’t forget to provide your synopsis.

Show us what you want

Look through our covers or elsewhere for your preferred style and we’ll do the research or provide us with images.

7 days later . . . Magic.

Blending research, artistry, and magic, your new cover’s first proof is available via a private login.

*Currently 7-12 days. Please don’t wait to book the Whisperer.

Cover Consideration

A Magical Balancing Act.

The Book Cover Whisperer turns a blank canvas into your gorgeous custom cover that is researched, visually balanced, appealing to readers, and also meets your printing company’s exact specifications.

Book Title

A book’s cover should visually connect with the title. Do your title and cover stand out?

Time Period & Setting

Period clothing or settings not always available, there are many ways to convey era.


Have an idea? Years of experience allow for immediate feedback to your ideas.

Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer



We’ve got your genre covered. We can even make technical books visually appealing.

Image Selection

It’s critical to use quality images that are suitable in the overall design and for print.

Trust the Whisperer

The work is guaranteed. Need we say more? Get started today!

"I love it!!! Christine, your cover designs are pure genius."

Leah Devlin, USA — Author of the Chesapeake Tugboat Murder Mystery Series

Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer

"The Book Cover Whisperer is Penmore Press' exclusive cover designer. I wouldn't trust our authors' books to anyone else."

Michael James — Publisher, Penmore Press

Penmore Press

"You truly are a Book Whisperer. I couldn’t have done it without you... You’re a genius."

Mary Claire Branton, USACharlie’s Port

Interior and Jacket Final Formatting for IngramSpark by The Book Cover Whisperer

"It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for being open to all my thoughts and suggestions. I have a cover that I am really pleased with that I feel captures the essence of my book and helps readers have a good sense of the material before they check out the blurb. Thank you again, so much, for all of your work on this. I truly appreciate it."

Dana Pierce, USA — Author of The Whispering Sands

Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer 

"The jacket looks great! I couldn't have asked for anything more!"

Ronald R. Wlodyga, USA — Author of In Search of the Stone of Destiny

Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer 

"I want to thank you with all my heart for the job you did with the cover and interior design...Ingram spark accepted me yesterday and I'm really happy that I can go relieved in a holiday after all the stress... 🙂 I wish you all the best and I promise I will return for the second part cover...soon I hope."

Angier Raphael, Romania — Author of Eternal Butterfly Papileo Aeternam I

Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer 

"The Book Cover Whisperer exceeded my expectations with their promptness, professionalism, and solid knowledge of industry standards. Fabulous job!"

Lynne Nanos — Author of Breakdown: A Clinician’s Experience in a Broken System of Emergency Psychiatry

Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer 

"Excellent service! Christine was a godsend as she did the (final) layout for my book dust jacket and converted it to the proper format. I was lost in this process but she was super easy to work with and she did the work quickly and at a great price. I will certainly use Christine again and highly recommend her company."

Joe Borelli — Author of Cantville: A Positive and Inspiring Story for All Ages 

"Huge thanks for a lovely cover - it's just right!"

J.G. Harlond — Author of Local Resistance and The Empress Emerald

Cover Design by the Book Cover Whisperer

"The cover that Christine Horner designed for my historical novel has proved to be a winner. It is eye-catching, evocative, and - most importantly - it works very well as a thumbnail."

Tinney S. Heath Author of A Thing Done

Real Production Value

Don’t forget to market yourself and your book!

It takes a village to launch your book. But, what if you’re it? The Book Cover Whisperer is your village at affordable pricing.

Promotional Materials

Custom designed business cards, postcards, and bookmarks individually or in packages. Table displays, banner stands, banner ads, gifts, and swag.

Book Signing & Media Kits

12″x18″ posters, 8.5″x11″ flyers, 5″x8″ postcards, and more custom designed. We develop sellsheets, and author media kits, too. Just ask.

Author Website Design by The Book Cover Whisperer

Author & Publisher Websites

Premium custom author websites and hosting that says, “I’m a professional writer” to your readers. Book landing pages that sell books, social media.

Simple pricing.

eBook Cover

  • 1 Custom cover design
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Final ebook cover file
  • 3D image for marketing
  • High-res cover images
  • Digital-res cover images
  • Exclusive licensing
  • Free QR code



Print Cover

  • 1 Custom cover design
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Final print cover file
  • 3D image for marketing
  • High-res cover images
  • Exclusive licensing
  • Free barcode
  • 1/2 down option



eBook + Print

  • 1 Custom cover design
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Final cover files
  • 3D image for marketing
  • High-res cover images
  • Exclusive licensing
  • Free barcode
  • 1/2 down option



Request a Quote

Tell me about your project.

Would you like to order promotional materials? Are you a larger publisher, educator, or business? Please get in touch!

3 + 1 =


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Your book cover questions answered.

Providing custom book cover artistry and a whole lot more.

How do you go about designing so many gorgeous covers?
Lots of experience! Most authors (and my regular publishers) provide me with the blurb and let me run with my ideas as my design and marketing experience exceed anything they might suggest. That said, your collaboration and images are most welcome. Please ensure images are production ready.

After carefully considering genre, time period, your synopsis, and any style request, extensive research begins. It takes the expert blending of resources, artistry, fonts, and colors to create an overall “feeling.” The goal is a stunning cover your readers would stop to check out on any Barnes & Noble display table.

D-I-Y single-image covers or hiring services that pay a corral of designers bare bones or use cover contests will generate amateur covers that can be spotted a mile away. Your readers won’t be fooled.

I know you're the Book Cover Whisperer but is my new book cover happy dance guaranteed?

Yes! you receive unlimited changes until you’re 100% satisfied or we’ll refund your money. Terms and Conditions.

Once we review the overall design concept whispered just for you based on your book brief, you provide me with feedback. Sometimes images need to be changed. i.e. A client requested snow in the foreground to lend a colder feel to the overall tone of the cover. This meant Russia’s Red Square had to go from a summer to winter requiring a different photo. We may change fonts or color tonality. I want you so excited about your new cover, you’re doing the happy dance and 100% satisfied. After the design concept is approved, you receive unlimited layout, text, and page count changes as the book goes into final production.

Do I need to credit your cover design inside my book?

Yes, it would be appreciated! Like this: Book Cover Design by The Book Cover Whisperer:

May I provide art and photography for you to use?
Yes! Please allow me to advise you on any any images submitted for your cover design at no additional cost. As authors and publishers are not professional designers, many times quality is an issue which will lead to less than optimal results. I research the highest quality and most appropriate images for your project. Image perspective and cropping is important. Images must harmonize with other art and elements. Providing your own images tends to work best with nonfiction or memoirs, however, I’ve fairly pulled off a few miracles in my design career. Images must be large files at 300dpi for print.
Why do you offer a sliding scale on your pricing?

Prolific low-quality covers, marketing materials, and websites are a stumbling block impeding independent author and small publisher success in today’s competitive marketplace. Research will show that pricing for the design quality provided by The Book Cover Whisperer is well below industry average. We do this so that everyone can afford beautiful custom design work. Larger publishers tend to have more specific needs, thereby requiring a greater time commitment. We do offer larger publishers quantity discounts as a thank you for your continued business.

What additional expenses do I need to know about?

Please request a quote for pricing or quantity discounts
Interior book / ebook formatting
Intensive Print-on-demand guidance
Additional stock photos
Custom vector file design/conversion
Book title consulting
Author bio & back blurb copywriting
Logo design for branding

Is it really that easy? What else do I need to do?
First, peruse the book covers above and elsewhere to decide your preferred style.

Please click Get Started and fill out the confidential, no-obligation Book Cover Brief.

I’ll be in touch to say hello and introduce myself.

Provide as many specifics as you can, like book cover dimensions, printing requirements and the information that needs to go on the front and back covers of your book. For the front cover this usually includes: title, author’s name, subtitle, tagline, imagery and a quote. For the back cover you may need an ISBN number, blurb, author’s biography and a quote.

Send any artwork to whisperer(at)

I form long-term relationships with most of my clients as they come back for additional services and to share exciting book news!

The Book Cover Whisperer

The Book Cover Whisperer, Christine HornerChristine Horner has over 20 years website and graphic design experience and has been designing covers for independent authors and publishers for over 5 years. A writer with her own small publishing company, there really isn't anything she can't help you with. Book cover design is her passion (and children's college tuition). Did Christine mention she loves books?

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